The Emotions Museum can rent or sell its previous interactive exhibitions to museums for children in other countries of the world.

In its attempt to spread its philosophy all over the world it can also help in the creation of new Emotions Museums in other countries, in order to help even more children to learn more about themselves and their inner world of emotions!


Exhibition 2013-2017: “HELLO MR FEAR!”



The aims of the exhibition are:

  • To help children recognize, understand and distinguish between different kinds of fear that we as humans may feel.
  • To discuss on their fears and express them through play.
  • To accept that fears exist in us and to comprehend the potentiality that we have as humans to live harmoniously with the ones that protect us and to liberate ourselves from the ones that block us.


Exhibition 2009-2013: “WHO AM I?”





The aim of the exhibition is to encourage children:

  • To know themselves better
  • To discover the sense of their uniqueness
  • To accept and love themselves for what they are
  • To develop their inner source of self-esteem

During weekends the interactive exhibition “Who am I?” aims to provide visitors the occasion and the stimuli to discover, play, think and discuss about their abilities, their difficulties, their needs, their emotions, their dreams and their desires!
During the school days, the interactive exhibits are the main “tools” for the realization of the educational programs for the school groups. Their aim is to contribute to the affective development of the students.


Previous Exhibition 2006 – 2009

“Treasures within me”


The aim of the exhibition was to help children through playing with the exhibits:

  • to get to know the world of emotions
  • to comprehend themselves
  • to recognize the point of view of other people
  • to manage their emotions by expressing them in different ways

Playing with the interactive exhibits of the museum becomes an occasion in order to discover, think and discuss about ourselves and our emotions. Every interactive exhibit encourages children to get to know themselves better, parents to get to know their children better and teachers to get to know better their students!


The exhibitions were created in collaboration with the museum “Museé des Enfants” in Belgium.