What is the Emotions Museum?

A unique in the world, interactive museum dedicated to emotions!
A museum for the playful exploration and creative expression of emotions,
based on Hands On, Minds On, and Hearts On principles.

Each exhibit is a small work of art, an activity, a fairy tale, available in our hands, to help us explore the inner world of emotions.

Founded in 2006, it is a member of the HOI «Hands On International» International Council of Children’s Museums and the Network of Museums and Cultural Organizations of Athens.

Which is the museum’s philosophy?

koukouvagia“More than anything, guard your heart, the source of all life”

All the activities of the museum are based on the recognition of the immeasurable value that the emotional cultivation has for our growth.

Emotions are our inner compass that guides us in our lives. They help us process stimuli, situations, and events from our environment, understand ourselves, the world around us and find our own meaning in life.

When we support and encourage self-awareness in children and teenagers, we help them grow into creative and happy adults with a will for life and its challenges.

What is the museum’s purpose?

  • To provide a safe, enjoyable and creative space that encourages children and teenagers to get to know themselves better and explore the world of their emotions.
  • To raise awareness and support adults in issues related to emotional development.
  • To be a space of creative communication where we can get to know our children, our friends, and ourselves better!
  • To promote emotional health and well-being through all its actions.

How does the museum achieve its purpose?

  • It creates and presents interactive exhibitions, which promote self-knowledge through play.
  • It gives life to the exhibitions for school groups with the help of museum animators.
  • It creates activities and workshops which encourage self-knowledge and communication between children and adults through play.
  • It holds annual workshops for children.
  • It holds seminars for adults.

Who is the museum addressed to?

  • Children from 5 years old
    (entrance to the Museum is permitted for children over 5 years of age)
  • Teenagers
  • Adults who accompany children (parents, grandparents, teachers, guardians…)
  • All those who love inner explorations

When can foreign visitors visit the museum?

Saturdays and Sundays: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
At weekdays in June, July and September special family program in English,
starting hours 9:00, 11:00 or 13:00 (phone reservation required)

The museum is closed:

  • on public holidays (1/1, 6/1, 1/5, 25/12, 26/12)
  • on national holidays (25/3, 28/10 )
  • on Christmas Eve
  • on New Year’s Eve
  • from Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • in August

For further information please contact the secretariat of the museum.
Information daily: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (except Monday)

Tel.: +30 210 9218329
Κaratza 7, 117 41 Filopappou