Interactive exhibition 

“In Anger’s Palace!”

An exhibition dedicated to the emotion of anger for children, teens and those who love exploring!

Why anger was chosen as the subject of this exhibition?

Because anger is an emotion that makes all human relationships harder, while at the same time it offers us helpful messages about our personal boarders and desires.

Because anger is an emotion strong enough to vary from disaster to creativity.

Because it is very important to train ourselves in giving space and time to our anger as it is needed every time, to accept this emotion and to recognize it, so that we can transform anger into a creative power leading to our development.

The aim of this exhibition is to offer stimuli to children, teens, and adults in their environment, to process, explore and know more about the emotion of anger.

Through a dialogue with the interactive exhibits:

  • We recognize the drives caused to our body by anger in order to accept them and separate them from our actions.
  • We experiment with various roles and various reactions to anger through the heroes/heroines of the exhibition.
  • We realize that anger can bring disaster or vitality.
  • We find ways to face different conflicts as a normal part of our lives.
  • We discover that expressing ourselves and being creative both help us.
  • We discover that certain ways of behaving help us and others block us.
  • We  explore the deeper causes of anger so that we can look for its “antidotes”.
  • We discover the messages that anger sends us to be able to listen it better and  help ourselves.
  • We try different roles to understand others’ emotions – using empathy while playing.
  • We familiarize with the emotion of anger through our senses.
  • We play for fun, we enjoy what playing can offer us, getting to know ourselves and our world better.

The exhibition and the instructions of the interactive exhibits are available both in Greek and English.