How does the exhibition function?


  • Every weekend the exhibition is open for individual visitors to explore it.
    Ticket price for individual visitors
    (for a visit between 10 a.m. – 1 p. m.): 5 euros
  • At weekdays Emotions Museum has created a special program in English for foreign families in order to enjoy a tour with an animator of the museum in the interactive exhibition “In Anger’s Palace!”.
    Price for the special family program in English (phone reservation required): 80 euros for families up to 8 persons. For each extra member plus 10 euros
  • During weekdays, from October until May, the museum welcomes school-groups that participate in the educational programs.
    Ticket price for the educational programs for school-groups (phone reservation required): 8 euros per person.

Each ticket supports the Museum’s mission and helps its appropriate functioning. The Emotions Museum doesn’t receive funding from any public or private organization. It is supported exclusively by the tickets of its visitors, who support its philosophy and appreciate its service to the public.

Which are the age groups that the museum is addressed to?

The Museum addresses to children over 5 years old, to teenagers and adults.

The entrance to the Museum is permitted for children who have closed their 5 years. The age limits set for each museum’s program, workshop or action are defined with particular respect for children, their emotional development and security.