What I should know about my visit

How long does it last?

The Emotions Museum recommends that it would be beneficial for the individual visitors to stay and play in the museum for a maximum of 2 hours. In any case, we recommend that you take into consideration each child’s personal rhythm. The school visits are designed so as to maximize the benefit for the children. Therefore they last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the age of the group.

Is it admitted to children under 5 years of age?

The entrance to the Museum is permitted for children over 5 years of age.
The age limits set for each museum’s program, workshop or action are defined with particular respect for children, their emotional development and security.

Which are the activities of the day?

During weekdays the museum runs educational programs for school groups whereas during weekends the museum is open for the public to visit. Also during weekends the museum runs workshops for children and adults.

Should we book in advance?

For your visit in the weekend you are not required to make a booking (the maximum number of visitors is 50 for the exhibition and 25 visitors for the workshops). For the school visits during weekdays you are required to make a telephone booking.

Which is the cost of the tickets?

During Weekends
Exhibition’s ticket price: 4,50 euros per person
Workshop’s ticket price: 8 euros per person (only in Greek language).
The exhibition’s ticket (from 10am to 1pm) is offered for free if you purchase a workshop ticket.

During Weekdays
Educational programs for school-groups ticket price: 7 euros
Special family program in English (phone reservation required): 80 euros for families up to 8 persons. For each extra member plus 10 euros

Each ticket supports the Museum’s mission and helps its appropriate functioning. The Emotions Museum doesn’t receive funding from any public or private organization. The Museum is supported exclusively by the tickets of its visitors, who support its philosophy and appreciate its service to the public.

Do I participate with my child during the whole duration of the visit?

Yes, the aim of the exhibition and the workshops is to give the opportunity to both children and adults to cooperate and play together.

Is there a potentiality to leave my child to play on its own?

No. It is essential for the adults to be together with their children in order to discuss and play with them in this particular exhibition which has as theme the emotion of anger. The museum provides the adults with instructions for all the interactive exhibits.

Are there any animators in the museum?

During the weekends the animators of the museum have only an auxiliary role. They can give information on how adults and children can discover the exhibition. In addition, they animate and coordinate the workshops and the educational programs.

When can I avoid peak-hours?

Usually on Saturday and Sunday morning between 10am and 11:30 am. Saturday is usually a quieter day than Sunday.

What should we wear during our visit?

Comfortable clothes! So you can sit on the floor as well!

Can we eat in the Museum?

Food is not allowed in the Museum’s exhibition spaces. During weekends though you could bring your own food and enjoy it at the Museum’s little backyard if the weather allows it.